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Wall Mirror

Développeur CodeRays Technologies

This is a simple app to display useful information on a tablet that is mounted behind a two-way mirror so that the text appears to float on the surface of the mirror. I've had it running in my house for a few months and I love it - it is both a great conversation piece and genuinely useful. The materials cost me about $130. The main advantage of this app is a fully configurable UI, so you don't have to be a programmer to use it. Just configure it with your location, the stocks you want to track, your nearest bus/train stop, etc and mount it in a frame. There are many other "smart mirror" type projects out there, search for "magic mirror" or "smart mirror" if this one doesn't suit your fancy, but most of them will require you to do some coding. If you don't mind a little coding, this app is open source ( and is free for anyone to use for any purpose.
App Features:* Time, Day of week* Birthdays and Holidays (configurable)* Appointments and reminders from your Google Calendar* Current temperature and high/low for the day (from* Stock quotes (from yahoo)* Time til your bus/train arrives (takes some technical savvy to set up, but no coding required)* Configurable brightness and font sizes
Recent updates:* WebModule - loads a brief text message from an arbitrary url* Ability to use Celsius (can't believe I didn't think of that)* Bug fix on "Latitude" not saving right
Instructions:I can't put instructions on configuring the app here because Google will reject the app for keyword spam. Please see the github page ( for detailed instructions on building the mirror and configuring the app.